The Fred Eaglesmith Show feat Tif Ginn, Sept 24 at The Park

September 24, 2016   Hayward, WI

Fred & Tif are rolling into Hayward again!

Fred Eaglesmith, a songwriter’s songwriter, has a depth informed by miles of experience as a true road dog. Not only the star of show, Fred's also the bus driver and chief mechanic while on tour, keeping him and his band on the road. Touring is his life and The Fred Eaglesmith Show is one of the last full time touring shows today - a busy itinerary with more than 270 days on the road last year, only returning home long enough to play a handful of local shows and to go into the studio to record the followup to 2014's Tambourine - set for release in 2017. Tif Ginn is a gutsy, amazing singer and transcendent songwriter. Six years ago she hit the road and has accompanied Fred across North America ever since. Hard-hitting lyrics and catchy hooks will stay in your head for days.